About IIIT-H forum


IIIT-H Forum has been setup and maintained by the student body at IIIT-Hyderabad to answer queries that prospective students, seeking admission in the year 2017, may have.

This is a forum by the students, for the students.

We try our best to give unbiased and impartial answers to all queries.

On this forum, posts by Forum Moderators may be considered authentic and trust-worthy. However, there may be other users who will try and answer a lot of your queries.

To help us respond to your queries quickly, please post in the correct sections.

We will not entertain any spam posts, posts with abusive language and irrelevant posts.

Hope this forum helps you.


Apex Body, 2017


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One Response to About IIIT-H forum

  1. Anil says:

    How many students are selected and how many of them are placed in waiting list after CND interview?

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