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July 5, 2017 at 7:00 pm #186


A couple of questions:

1. What are the different kind of clubs available on campus?

2. What about sports? More specifically swimming and martial arts?

3. How hard is it to practice extracurriculars? Will the academic rigour be too much to focus on some?

4. How well-equipped are the gyms?

5. How common are inter-college competitions?

July 11, 2017 at 4:34 pm #190


1. IIIT has fairly active Programming club, OpenSource Development Group(OSDG), Lit Club ,Quiz and Debate club apart from other clubs such as the dance club which are more active around the time of events .However it is pretty easy to start your own club if you wish to.

2. Football,Cricket,Volleyball,Table Tennis,Badminton,Baketball and Hockey are the sports for which the college has an apt infrastructure. There is no facility of swimming pools inside the campus, however one can enroll themselves to the Gachibowli Stadium Swimming pool which is right next to the college for a nominl montly fee. There isn’t an active artial arts club but there are demonstrations of the same on sports day by students trained under one of the sports faculty.

3. The amount of time you are able to spend in extra curricular activities is entirely upto you. A large group of people pursue their interests outide of academics especially sports on a daily basis. The academic rigour is tougher than most colleges but it only demands a bit a time management to take part in extracurriculars without feeling the pressure of anything.

4. The gyms are equipped with most of the mechanical equipment you could ask for although there is no electric equipment for the same. There is more than enough weight lifting,stretching equipment but skipping ropes is the only cardio facility provided.

5. There are enough inter college football and volleyball competitions every year but the participation in other sports depends upon the teams formed in a particular year

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